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Institute of Advanced Research is an innovative modern university, which offers professionally focused UG, PG & Ph.D programs.


IAR university is established by a UK funded charity to provide world class education and researches. We are led by a visionary leader from the UK. Our graduate progress to top universities such as Yale, Texas, & Oklahoma.

Institute of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar

The leader in intellectual and professional influence for the benefit of the society and the economy.


To provide outstanding professionally focused educational opportunities with a broadly-based curriculum and co-curricular programs that ensure our students will be most sought after by employers.

Academic Excellence

The norms, requisites and standards of education are changing dynamically and it is imperative to keep up with the times to make a significant contribution in the academic landscape. Thus we go beyond conformity to inspire students and scholars to achieve excellence in all that they do.

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Research & Innovation

At IAR, research is regarded as one of the most important activities, as it will lead to new path-breaking evolutions enabling progress in all aspects ultimately benefiting the overall development of the nation.

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Department of Biological Sciences & Biotechnology

Students Engagement

During their tenure at IAR, students are engaged through various on and off-campus activities to help explore their potential an learn about the practical work environment. Also, they are encouraged to actively participate in various competitions and events throughout the year.

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Latest Happenings

The IAR campus is a diverse, sociable community, where imaginations thrives and ambitions are realized with right guidance. Get in touch with the latest developments at our campus, be it on the academic front, or the research area and a lot more.

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Notice Board




IAR offers a blend of learning environment that makes it easy for a student to learn and inculcate the spirit to shine in a pool of never ending opportunities amongst the talented and hard-working students.

Khush Axay Shah

B.Tech, Chemical

Studies here are perfectly balanced with extracurricular activities nurturing our communication, teamwork and leadership skills that are an absolute necessity for success.

Ravindrasinh J. Rahewar

B.Tech, Chemical

Here we get hands-on experience of science teaching and learning with a fine balance of academics and curricular activities that play a very important role in student’s personal development.

Yukta Rana

B.Sc, Biotechnology

I can tell that the University vouches for the holistic development of the students and provides us the essential confidence building exposure preparing us for success in today’s highly competitive world.

Raghav Joshi

B.Tech, Computer Engineering

IAR, provides a great environment for research and education blended in student friendly environment for learning life skills to satiate our curious minds. Glad of my choice to be here…

Riddhi Contractor

B.Tech, Biotechnology