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The Intellectual Strength Of IAR

The Intellectual Strength Of IAR

The Institute of Advanced Research, University, Gandhinagar is an innovative modern university. We offer professionally focused UG, PG and Ph.D. programs with research-informed teaching methodology.

Our research is highly acclaimed internationally & our education programs are based on cutting edge knowledge at IAR & other world-leading universities. Moreover, most of our faculty members have doctorates from top universities in India & abroad with most having several years of experience overseas. Many of them also have research patents & international publications against their names.

At IAR, research is regarded as one of the most important activities as we believe that it will lead to path-breaking evolutions, enabling the overall development of the nation. The university challenges & supports its students, faculty & research staff to undertake world-class research projects to strengthen the research profile of IAR.

Encouraging and Supporting Research
We have established research collaborations & MOUs with various national & international organizations, universities & researchers Also, our researchers are successful in getting research funds & grants from national & international organizations. High-end research laboratories at the university provide an ideal atmosphere to conduct cutting-edge research.

Major research areas at IAR, include:

✓ Plasma and its applications

✓ Understanding neurodegenerative diseases

✓ Unlocking the secrets of cancer

✓ Sensor development

✓ Computational biology

✓ Gravitational waves

✓ Plant biotechnology

✓ Synthetic biology

Doctoral Program at IAR
IAR as a university for innovation emphasizes training & producing the best of the researcher through the doctoral program – Ph.D. Our faculty & students have published over 100+ publications in international journals, including original research articles, reviews, books & book chapters. Our alumni are well-placed nationally & internationally in universities like yale, Texas, Oklahoma, & Oregon, & organizations like ILS-Bhubaneshwar, CCMB-Hyderabad, etc.

IAR has many eminent scientists, industrialists, medical practitioners & leaders on the board who advise us for strengthening our research & academic program. We believe that the key to socio-economic impact on society is via research & innovation. And, IAR will continue to achieve excellence. If you too wish to achieve excellence in your academic & professional life IAR is the ideal place for you.

Join us in our journey to be world-class. To learn more – visit: www.iar.ac.in NOW. You can also reach us via Call/WhatsApp: 72777 70757.

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