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The Importance of Innovation in Education

The Importance of Innovation in Education

What is innovation in education?

Well, different individuals would have different responses to this question.

While some might think, that when the world is changing why people still teach and learn in a way that was invented decades or even centuries. Others might say ‘Innovation in education involves constant changes and collaboration with other individuals or having a dynamic curriculum and teaching mechanism. And someone may think ‘Innovation is more about technology’. Or it is more than that, it’s about how we can employ technology to empower students and motivate them to become lifelong learners.

Even though, it might be difficult to define innovation in education is a single manner, but it is sure that: it has a very important place in education. As innovation is crucial for the constant development, evolution and improvement of the process of imparting and receiving knowledge.

“You can’t get different results by doing things the same way.” — Richard Moran

Most of us believe innovation means using technology or it involves new inventions, but that’s not entirely true. On the contrary, innovation is all about doing things in a new way. It requires coming up with an approach, process or strategy to do something differently.

So, when it comes to innovation in education, we at IAR believe that the learning experiences should be restructured as per the modern student. It should be:

  • Relevant to the changing interests
  • Pertinent to the emerging career paths
  • Personalized to the student’s aptitudes and abilities
  • Responsive to the cultures and identities of different individual

Innovation does not always mean creating something from scratch. Just like any research project or a science experiment, it depends on investigating an existing or ongoing project, and approach it with a fresh viewpoint to come up with a new or different solution.

In the same way – at IAR we encourage teachers and students to explore, research and use their, knowledge, skills, imagination and all the available tools to discover something new. Doing so they are able to find better ways of doing things and uncover fresher perspectives to look at problems and solve them. And the thinking process involved in it, actually helps students develop their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Our Hon’ble President Professor Rao Bhamidimarri states that –

“The grand challenges that the society faces today can only be met by education and research-driven innovation. Whether it is the impact of climate change, resource depletion or life-long health and wellbeing, these can only be confronted by the advancement of knowledge and its application. Increasingly complex problems demand ever innovative solutions, which can only be realized through multi-disciplinary education, research and application, which are all intertwined.”

With research-informed education and innovation-based approach and we offer UG, PG and PhD programs in Science, Engineering and Management. Institute of Advanced Research – The University For Innovation, is committed to developing and delivering world-leading higher education programs that are underpinned by relevant research and innovation. We invite all to Join Us In Our Pursuit Of Excellence.

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