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Research Facilities

Research Facility

IAR, in addition to the good lab practice, also comply other safety guidelines monitored through committees like Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBSC), Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC), Institutional Chemical safety Committee (ICSC), Institutional Purchase Committee (IPC) Guidelines for grant submission, etc.

High standard research laboratories at the University provide an ideal atmosphere to conduct cutting-edge research. We have been fortunate to have received grants from Department of Biotechnology namely the Programme Support grant, Distributed Information Sub-centre (DISC) and also the grant for M.Sc. support.

IAR is equipped with state of the art facilities and some key instruments are listed below:

Sr.No. Instrument Sr.No. Instrument
1. AKTA protein purification system 18. Gel Doc Systems
2. Autoclave 19. HPLC
3. Automated Cell Counter 20. Incubator Shaker
4. Binocular Microscope 21. Laminar Flow
5. Biosafety Cabinets 22. Microscopes
6. cDNA synthesis Kit 23. Multi-Mode Microplate
7. Biosafety hoods 24. PCRs
8. Centrifuge Kubota 25. Real-time PCR
9. Circulatory Waterbath 26. Rota Vac
10. CO2 Incubators 27. Sorval Centrifuge
11. Confocal Microscope 28. Shaker
12. Cooling Incubator 29. Spectrophotometers
13. Deep Freezers 30. Ultracentrifuge
14. Electronic orbital shaker 31. Vacuum concentrator
15. Fume Hoods 32. Lateral flow assay
16. Gas Chromatography 33. Water treatment plants
17. Universal Testing Machine 34. Impact Testing Machine