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Executive MBA

Executive MBA

To get to the next stage in career and life, want to kick start from a stagnating career, better in-organization development prospects – What do you want to be in the near future, whether it is to progress in your profession, whether you wanted to become an entrepreneur or to make a career transition; you would need the management expertise and professional connection that a customize MBA program will help you to foster.

The Department of Business and Management at Institute of Advanced Research (IAR), Gandhinagar started the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in the academic year 2019-20. In addition to the regular MBA program, Department of Business and Management, IAR is going to offer an Executive MBA program from the academic year 2020-21 for business and working professionals who want to maintain full-time employment while pursuing a post-graduate business degree.

It’s a two-year post graduate program, exclusively designed for the working professionals who wish to enhance their managerial skills in specialized areas. This program enables them to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment and stay relevant in the job/business market. We mainly focus on interpersonal awareness, teamwork, critical & integrated business thinking for identifying global issues and its effect in business. The executive MBA program is a two-yearcustomize (in specific areas/ specializations) program designed to add-on the academic and practice values to the industry professionals as per their needs and experiences in Jobs/Business. Master of Business Administration is one of the most popular post-graduate programs in the post-liberalization and especially in the new millennium where globalization leads the concept of a free-market economy in reality not only in India but around the world.

Hence, the executive MBA program would focus on and promote innovation and leadership in the curriculum. The highest standard of management practices, research, and collaboration among industry professionals would be the key focus areas in the executive MBA program.

The course curriculum of the Executive MBA program combines management practices, entrepreneurial learning, and fundamentals of business, leadership, and progressive strategies. The goal of the executive MBA program is to enable learners to become more competent, confident, and intuitive decision-makers and problem solvers in a real-life business situation. Attending an Executive MBA program, learners will experience an immediate and ongoing return on investment in business and their careers. Some of the quantifiable benefits are more responsibility in current/future business organization, a higher salary, promotion, increased business performance, and profitability. Some of the other key takeaway those are qualitative: a customer-centric way of thinking, problem-solving approach, timeliness in decision-making, business forecasting, and confidence in different business processes.

Learning by doing is the most important aspect of the Executive MBA program. This program leads to acquiring knowledge, skills, and practice feedback to build leadership models. That would enable learners to ensure optimum utilization of resources anywhere and any-time for organizational and professional development in businesses. Over a while, the Executive MBA program has gained popularity among the professional having job/business experience. Nowadays, many graduates prefer to work for a few years and pursue an Executive MBA, because this is given a competitive edge and you can switch your career path or jump to a much higher profile with larger responsibilities. Prior work experience adds more value to their professional profile and employment potential. Due to potentially high job/business opportunities associated with the Executive MBA program, it has become such a popular course among the people from various range of industries. The Executive MBA program at IAR has an excellent interactive learning and evaluation system that enables learners to balance work, life with studying without putting your work life on hold.

Area of Specializations:

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Business Management

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Data analytics

  • Marketing Management

  • Human Resources Management

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