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Research-based MBA – The Need of the Future

Research-based MBA – The Need of the Future

The Institute of Advanced Research – IAR proudly boasts to be a University that is predominantly focused on Research and Innovation. This is the core element behind IAR’s very existence, as our mission statement also indicates that we aim to provide world-class research and innovation led academic programs through student-centred learning strategies & cutting edge learning environments.

In this article, we specifically elaborate on the MBA programme infused with research-based teaching methodology.

MBA is a lot more than just a degree as it makes the aspirants eligible for senior management roles. People having an undergraduate degree in any stream can opt for it. In MBA you have the opportunity to attain education expertise in the business administration domain with the help of industrial training, expert lectures, etc.

Research-based MBA Curriculum at IAR

Research-based MBA education is actually not a totally new concept. Many reputed colleges in India and abroad are awarding an MBA degree with research and thesis curriculum that is known by various names. For instance, Columbia Business School calls it Independent Study while London Business School has named it a Business Project.

Unlike other programs where more focus is on the theoretical and exam oriented aspect of learning, MBAs generally not focus to develop their own model instead they immediately want to put all their learning into actions to solve real-life problems.

IAR altered this traditional terminology for MBA and made a combination of

    • Academics
    • Research-innovation
    • Industrial Exposure
  • Guidance by Industry Stalwarts

Two major benefits of research-innovation based MBA are that if you are planning to pursue Doctorate in business then this MBA will lay the foundation stone for you. On the other hand, if you are much oriented towards developing your own business models then you should opt for innovation and research-backed MBA degree without thinking much.

At IAR we nurture the ignited minds to question everything and come up with new ideas to get the things done in a more efficient way. And all the necessary resources and support are provided to the students with guidance by our eminent PhD faculties.

This Education philosophy accelerates the entrepreneurial spirits among aspirants and inspiring them to think creatively and make an innovation individual.

In the end, the choice is yours whether you will still go for a traditional focused MBA or research-innovation enriched MBA? Think wisely before taking a decision.

Admission open for MBA 2019 Academic year at IAR. Click Here for more information.

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