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A Beginner’s Guide to a Career in Data Science

A Beginner’s Guide to a Career in Data Science

A Beginner's Guide to a Career in Data Science

Are you aware of the term Data Science?

Are you curious to know its importance in the professional world?

And How it plays a vital role in shaping careers?

If yes, then this blog is the right place to explore the depths of the ever-expanding world of data science and overcome all the queries related to the term.

Let’s proceed.

What is Data Science?

Data Science can be simply defined as the methodology which helps you take better commercial and professional decisions. It employs scientific methods and mathematics to process data and extracts meaningful information from it. The process involves using powerful hardware along with an efficient algorithm and software program(s) to process the available data for obtaining valuable knowledge and solve the data problems.

Importance of Data Science

  • Make precise decisions
  • Enhance performance
  • Minimizes risks
  • Understand consumer behaviour
  • Explore the customer’s desires
  • Furnish valuable insights
  • Recognise new areas of innovation

How It Plays a Vital Role in Creating New Career Opportunities?  

In today’s era starting a career as Data Scientist is one of the best options to grow professionally. Considering the current scenario, a data scientist is responsible for collaborating a business’s needs along with the IT resources. A sharp data science professional must be precise in analysing the data, clear in communication and a skilled team player.

But to be very frank, newbies might be in a dilemma to start their career in this field, as the industry is still in the nascent stage. Also, data science is a term some of you might have rarely heard. Thus, you are unable to get into the depth of it and may find difficulty in gaining proper guidance.

However, people who are aware of it and know its significance are opting for Data Science as their career option and are flourishing rapidly. So, now you might be thinking: “what actually is the work of a data scientist?” If yes, then here’s the answer:

Life Cycle of Data Science

  • Capturing: Acquire the data through data acquisition, data entry, data extraction, etc.
  • Processing: Effectively process the acquired data using various tools and processes.
  • Maintaining: Store the processed data using data warehousing, data architecture, data staging, etc.
  • Analysing: Analyse the using predictive and qualitative analysis, data mining and regression, etc.
  • Communicating: Transfer the data into decision-making models using data reporting, visualization, business intelligence, etc.

Choosing the Right Program and Institute/University

So, if you are keen to get the right qualification and make a successful career in the field of data science then IAR is the place to be. We have launched the PG program in Data Science considering the rising demand for skilled data science professionals across various industries, in the private as well as public domain. The program has been developed in collaboration with the industry and it is taught at IAR by PhD faculties with maximum research in Data Science. For complete details visit – www.iar.ac.in/msc-data-science.

Wrapping Up

Hope you find the information enlightening. Now, it’s time to find the spark and opt for the best. Take a step ahead for your better future with IAR. Admissions are open for MSc – Data Science with intake capacity of only 30 seats.

To apply now visit – https://application.iar.ac.in/applicationform.aspx.

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