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What We Offer

Indian industry at present has reached the most crucial point whereas it faces the dynamic demands of the competitive domestic and global markets through the provisions of high-quality products and services. A skilled and talented workforce in such technologies is a major challenge facing today.

To reduce the gap between industry expectations and academic offerings by direct involvement of industry, IAR is committed to developing closer collaborative partnerships with industries and businesses to ensure that the education and training align with what is needed by the existing and emerging Industries businesses.

We at IAR believe that active involvement of industry education and research institutions can help to orient research and education activities towards the needs of students and society. It also brings expertise to support knowledge transfer activities and opportunities to promote innovation in everything we do.

The following approaches are proposed to enhance interface amongst industry, academia, and students:

  • Collaboration with Industry and Business: We do several things to ensure the industry focus on keeping up with current and emerging trends and technologies and embedding these into the curriculum. We invite industry leaders to seek their advice and to inspire our students. We also gain insights into current and emerging trends that we can bring into the classroom.We have a number of experts from businesses and industries such as Reliance industries Vadodara, Meghmani Organics, Arihant Satiate and CSIR- CGCRI supporting the University and our students. Our students also visit different industries to observe and learn from the real working environment and understand the opportunities and challenges.
  • Internships for students: We expect our students to undertake an internship, where they get an opportunity to learn practical skills, gain work experience and other professional skills.
  • Placement and training: We insist that our students are job-ready by identifying the demands of the current industries and equip our students not only with technical and professional knowledge but also with skills for the workplace. To achieve this, major emphasis is placed to design our education programs in consultation with the industry. The University also provides special training programs to students to prepare them for the job market.
  • Collaborative R&D: As a research-driven, we promote cooperative and collaborative development as a model to address the economic and social challenges of our communities. Our focus is applied research targeted at catalyzing innovation to deliver next-generation products and services.
  • Consultancy: IAR has a strong focus on relevant research and developmental activities which benefit the business, industry, and society. The expertise of the university is used not only to improve teaching and research within the university but also to benefit larger part of the society and economy. The advanced facilities available at the university are also made available for the work to benefit the industry and business stakeholders. Consultancy enables the transfer of knowledge to business and industry and makes available real-world examples to enhance teaching at the University.


Learning from Industry

Industrial visits! generates excitement among IAR students as they get a chance to learn something outside the confines of their university campus. These industrial visits are conceptualized with a vision to design an active learning environment and to experience the theory put into action, thereby bringing practical context to their learning. Students are exposed to the real working environment and shown how things are done in an organization to understand work processes, industrial practices, and business functions.

These visits also enhance linkages between our faculty and industry professionals leading to collaborative research and development projects, thus enhancing industrial practice.