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Registrar’s Message

IAR Manoj Patel

Mr. Manoj Patel

Acting Registrar
Institute of Advanced Research (IAR)
(Gujarat State Private University)

On behalf of faculty, administration and staff of Institute of Advance Research, Gandhinagar, I welcome you to “The University for Innovation”. I am sure our students are having a journey to remember in their professional development at our green and serene campus equipped with high tech research facility for modern education.

The vision of the University is to build a truly innovative research-oriented education system for youth to acquire skills in various disciplines ranging from bioscience, biotechnology, physical science, analytical and organic chemistry, information technology and computer science, commerce, economics and management. University educational system offers tremendous opportunity for developing career in upcoming technologies by innovative learning with applied research.

We look forward to be a valuable partner in your career, so sincerely devoted to see you at the highest point of your career-formation edifice decorated with the richest possible human values and ethics.


Manoj Patel