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Provost’s Message

Dr. Manish Sharma

Acting Provost

Institute of Advanced Research (IAR)
The University for Innovation

Innovative experiments in education have always been the cornerstone of human development and existence for ages. Humankind has thrived and proven its mettle against all odds. At the Institute of Advanced Research, the formal system of education is a hotbed of innovative practices in line with global conventions. In the next few years, you will uncover many co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences that will contribute to your personal growth.

As Wilhelm von Humboldt put it that the University should enable students to become autonomous individuals and world citizens by developing their reasoning powers in an environment of academic freedom. You will find that kind of academic freedom at IAR enabling one to critically think and confront the problems of the present and coming future.

Replicable studies at many universities have suggested over time that the most critical aspect for students to have an ecstatic educational experience is the development of relationships with mentors, research advisors, staff and peers at the home University. At IAR, you will find that academic programs have been designed to foster the development of relationships.

The Office of the Provost is at the helm, in extending leadership, for the development and administration of IAR’s academic programs. It is an honor and a privilege to be part of IAR during its upward growth since its inception. These are challenging times for higher education, but together we will grow and succeed in the mission to educate students, build knowledge, and extend service to the community and beyond.

I welcome you all for an amazing experience at IAR.