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Ph.D. Study

Sr. No Student Topic Department
1. Vinita Mishra Computational drug discovery for designing novel hTLR4 antagonist and their biological evaluation as anti-inflammatory/anti-proliferative agent Biological Science
2. Bhumi Patel Structural & Functional Characterization of Metabolic Proteins from Leishmania donovani as Potential Drug target Biological Science
3. Ajay Kumar Role of molecular chaperones (HSP70/Hscc70) during eye development in Drosophila melanogaster Biological Science
4. Komal Panchal Study of the role of Miro, mitochondrial outer membrane protein in the Drosophila model of Alzheimer disease Biological Science
5. Foram Vaidya Biological Evaluation of nano formulated anti-cancer agents: A multifaceted approach to improving bioavailability, multidrug resistance and apoptotic cell death. Biological Science
6. Khushboo P Synthesis characterization and biological evaluation of surface-modified PAMAM dendrimer with gallic acid for the antiproliferative effect of cancer cells Biological Science
7. CR Naveen Exploring Chlamydia trachomatis immune-pathogenesis Biological Science
8. Dhruvi Shah Exploring the potential of Berberine for anti-cancer immunity Biological Science
9. Shikha Tiwari Study of cellular response in inflammation and PCD signalling using SMIs and TLR4 for therapeutic intervention of sepsis Biological Science
10. Mansi Bhatt Characterization of components of photosynthetic machinery during oxidative stress-induced programmed cell death in Arabidopsis thaliana Biological Science
11. Rohi Bhatt Genetic Manipulation of Solanidine galactosyltransferase (SGT1) for reduction of α-solanine production in Solanum tuberosum Biological Science
12. Vipin Tomar Identification of novel SNPs associated with resistance to spot blotch in Wheat (T. aestivum) Biological Science
13. Vidhi Bhatt The Study on the role of sirtuin genes in Alzheimer disease of Drosophila melanogaster Biological Science
14. Shivani Yadav Testing macrophage subset depletion as a strategy to inhibit antibiotic-induced Macrophage polarization and altered immune response against Shigella flexneri. Biological Science
15. Parameshwar Dalai To test the anti-cancer potential of Doxycycline via modulation of the Tumor-microenvironment. Biological Science
16. Pooja Doshi Technology refinement for production of serratiopeptidase from Serratia marcescens Biological Science
17. Bharati Koshti Assessing the application of single amino acid/short peptide as a model for amyloid studies and sensing. Physical Science
18. Vivek Khashtriya Synthesis and characterization of bio-conjugates with potential application in drug discovery, diagnosis and imaging  Physical Science
19. Sneh K Chaubey Design, synthesis and application of amino acid-based ionic liquids in organic synthesis Physical Science
20. Chetan Verma On Aspect of Gravitational Wave Astronomy with Compact Binary Coalescence: Detection & Parameter Estimation Physical Science
21. Nidhi Patel Experimental study of dusty Plasma Interaction with Electron Beam Physical Science
22. Sejal Patel Design, synthesis and Bioevaluation of novel bile acid conjugates Physical Science
23. Chandani Haplani Design, synthesis, characterization and antioxidant-evaluation of novel phenolic derivatives Physical Science
24. Himanshu Thakkar An empirical assessment on the role of FIA in the sustainable development of micro, small and medium enterprises in Gujarat. Business
25. Manisha Kushwaha Public expenditure on education: A macroeconomic analyses on fund allocation and policy implication with reference to Gujarat Business