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M.Tech Chemical Engineering

Why M.Tech at IAR?

  • Well-equipped research labs
  • Advanced learning on virtual labs in collaboration with IIT Bombay
  • Knowledge centre for shaping young minds
  • Placement in reputed MNC’s
  • Highly experienced and qualified faculty members

Program Overview:

The M. Tech program at IAR is primarily concentrating on areas such as advanced study in thermodynamics, transfer operations, reaction engineering and process control. It is structured to cover important areas of specialization in chemical industries. The M.Tech Chemical engineering program at IAR is based on a Two-year/Four- semester program. In the first two semesters student has to complete core and elective courses. To some extent, a student can choose his/her own courses; the choice is limited to 3-4 electives in the first two semesters. Last two semesters are reserved for the dissertation projects only. This project work will be chosen from different specialization relevant to chemical engineering to solve industry problems. The student is given the freedom to choose his/her supervisor based on the area of research interest. On average, one has to registers for about 18 to 20 credits of coursework per semester. The assessment of M. Tech program is based on the concept of Continuous Evaluation. The students are evaluated based on a series of assessments like assignments, viva, mid Semester, end semester, quizzes etc. This reduces the huge exam pressure on the students and underscores continuous learning.

Excellent infrastructure and laboratories are available at IAR for research work. Advanced Chemical engineering laboratory with different range of experiments will be available for M. Tech Chemical Engineering program. Moreover, for the dissertation works all the sophisticated instruments in the IAR like gas chromatography, HPLC, ultra centrifuge, Muffle Furnace, Confocal Microscope, Spectrofluorimeter, Deep Freezer, Lyophilization unit, Fume Hoods, Rotary evaporator, Spectrophotometer and many more instruments are ready to use.

The research involves solving problems of industrial relevance as well as of fundamental significance. The student under the supervision of a faculty member carries out the state of the art research in the various areas of chemical engineering such as:

Polymer technology Reaction engineering Membrane technology
Industrial Biotechnology Petrochemical Technology Industrial Energy System
Industrial safety and risk management Environmental Engineering Energy Storage Technologies
  • The scholarship will be given to the limited students on merit basis. The monthly scholarship will be released after satisfactory completion of given responsibilities by the students.
  • M. Tech student can apply for conversion to PhD under the required procedures provided by IAR University. A student should have the minimum CGPA of 7.0 in their 1st and 2nd-semester course work to convert directly from M. Tech to PhD.

Eligibility: The basic eligibility criterion for pursuing an M. Tech Chemical Engineering degree at IAR is qualifying B.E. / B. Tech in Chemical Engineering or equivalent examination. MSC students can also get admission to M. Tech Program.

Selection process: The M Tech admission is done online through ACPC, which generally commence in the second week of June. IAR has 25% management quota and admission through this will be conducted through a merit basis. Students have to fill the online application form through university website https://application.iar.ac.in/Regapp.aspx

After the Program: Masters with this degree can enter into the various industries with chosen specializations, research field; Asst. Professor & teaching jobs are also a popular option.

Structure of Program

Semester I

Category Code Name of Subject Hours Per week Credits

BC MCH 601 Advanced Transport Phenomena 3 1 0 4
BC MCH 602 Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering 3 1 0 4
BC MCH 603 Advanced Thermodynamics 3 1 0 4
BC MCH 604 Process Modeling and Simulation 3 1 0 4
BE MCH 605 Advanced Reaction Engineering 3 1 0 4

Total Credits in Semester I 20

Semester II

Category Code Name of Subject Hours Per week Credits

BC MCH 606 Technical Communication Skills 4 0 0 4
BC MCH 607 Advanced Chemical Engineering Lab 0 0 2 2
Elective I 4 0 0 4
Elective II 4 0 0 4
Elective III 4 0 0 4

Total credit in semester II 18

Semester III

Category Code Name of Subject Hours Per week Credits

Seminar 0 0 2 2
Dissertation Project Part I 0 0 18 18

Total credits in Semester III 20

Semester IV

Category Code Name of Subject Hours Per week Credits

Dissertation Project Part II 0 0 20 20

Total credits in semester IV 20


S. No. Code Title
1. MCH 608 Advanced Process Control
2. MCH 609 New Separation Technique
3. MCH 610 Industrial Waste Management
4. MCH 611 Pitch analysis and Heat Exchanger Design
5. MCH 612 Computational Techniques in Engineering
6. MCH 613 Nanotechnology
7. MCH 614 Scale-up methods
8. MCH 615 Industrial Safety and Risk Management
9. MCH 616 Bioprocess Engineering
10. MCH 617 Fuel Cell Technology
11. MCH 618 Ecology for Engineers
12. MCH 619 Industrial Energy Systems
13. MCH 620 Computational Fluid Dynamics
14. MCH 621 Process Optimization
15. MCH 622 Design and Analysis of Experiments
16. MCH 623 Advanced Food Process Engineering
17. MCH 624 Petroleum Refining
18. MCH 625 Air Pollution Control Equipment Design
19. MCH 626 Energy System Modeling and Simulation
20. MCH 627 Polymer Technology

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