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M.Sc Environmental Science and Technology

Environmental Science and technology is an interdisciplinary program that integrates the science of environmental studies with technical and social issues. The course buildups the student’s knowledge and approaches to apply chemistry, biology, statistics, computers, engineering, sociology and economics for better understanding environmental issues. It also tends to give cognitive aspects and technological skills to acquire a sustainable form of development and resource management in a different sector. In addition to that our program is also trained the students in advanced laboratory skills required for pollution monitoring and abatement, to undertake environmental impact assessment (EIA), eco-restoration, implement green technology, assess biodiversity, etc.

M.Sc. Environmental Science and technology at IAR is 2 years (4 semesters) program. In the initial phase of the course, the students learn basic subjects like Ecology, Environmental Chemistry, and Environmental Microbiology etc. A year after a deal with the discipline-specific courses Air and Noise Pollution and Control Technologies, Soil Pollution and Control Technologies, Water Pollution and Control Technologies, Solid Waste Management, Environment Impact Assessment and Environmental biotechnology. The course not only provides theoretical knowledge of subjects but also engage the students in practical laboratories for better understanding of different scientific concepts.

In addition to the academic activities, Public lectures, industrial tours, conferences and hands-on workshops are also an integral part of the program. The graduates are also trained for national level examination such as NET/GATE/SLET for higher education perspective.


The candidate should have passed the Bachelor’s degree in any Science subject such as (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Geography, Life Sciences, Environment Sciences, Microbiology, Biotechnology any other equivalent)

Selection process

The admission is based on merit.

After the Program

Higher studies

  • Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in India or abroad


    • Scientific Officer and environmental Chemist at Central and State Pollution Control Boards

    • Government Jobs in the in various Public sector companies like BHEL, SAIL. ONGC.

    • Academic job opportunities in colleges and universities include lecturers, research scientist, junior research fellows, lab managers and skilled technician.

    • In Industry as Environmental and safety manager, Chemist and analyst in water, soil and Air testing laboratories.

  • Structure of Program
  • Total Program Credits: 83
Sr. No. Name of Subjects Credits
  Semester One  
1 Ecology & Ecosystems 3
2 Environmental Chemistry 3
3 Biochemistry 3
4 Environmental Microbiology 3
5 Basic Mathematics and Statistics 2
6 Lab 1 2
7 Lab 2 2
  Total 18
  Semester Two  
1 Environment Biotechnology 3
2 Environment Impact assessment 3
3 Characterization of waste 3
4 Environmental Technology 3
5 Research Methodology and Scientific communication 2
6 Elective – I 2
7 Lab 3 2
8 Lab 4 2
9 Seminar 1 (Scientific Journal Article) 1
  Total 21
  Semester Three  
1 Water Pollution and Control Technologies 3
2 Soil Pollution and Control Technologies 3
3 Air and Noise Pollution and Control Technologies 3
4 Solid Waste Management 3
5 Project proposal Preparation and Presentation 2
6 Bioentrepreneurship 2
7 Seminar 2 (Startup Idea-Process/product development ) 1
8 Lab 5 2
  Total 19
  Semester Four  
1 PG Seminar –IV (Research Dissertation) 24
2 Elective -II 2
  Total 26
  Total Credits