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M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering

Institute of Advanced Research offers a two-year program in Master of Technology (M-Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). It is the higher specialized course in the field of engineering. M. Tech provides you the insight and deep knowledge of the subjects that you have studied in your Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) course. It will not only adds value to your qualification but also expands the career scope and job opportunities for you in future. M.Tech degree will enable you to secure higher position in an organization.


  • B. Tech/ B.E. in Computer Engineering / Information Technology
  • B.Tech in Information and Communication Technology


  • Admissions for the year 2020-21 will be managed by ACPC & University.

Career Options

  • Opportunity to gain more knowledge is also open for you M.Tech. as you can pursue research programmes (Ph.D.).
  • Teaching career is always open for M.Tech students. After holding master’s degree, they can apply in any prestigious engineering institution for the post of professor.
  • Engineers can easily find employment in central and state government organizations like Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd., etc.

Structure of Program

Semester-1 Credits
Code Subject Name Theory Practical Total
CE_6001 Advanced Data Structure & Algorithms 3 1 4
CE_6002 Advance Computer Networks 3 1 4
CE_6003 Mathematics of Computer Engineering 4 0 4
CE_6004 Advanced Database Management System 3 1 4
CE_6005 Elective I 3 1 4

Total 20
Semester-2 Credits
Code Subject Name Theory Practical Total
CE_7001 Data Analytics 3 1 4
CE_7002 Compilers Design 3 1 4
CE_7003 Distributed Operating System 3 1 4
CE_7004 Advanced Software Engineering 3 1 4
CE_7005 Elective II 3 1 4

Total 20
Semester-3 Credits
Code Subject Name Theory Total
CE_8001 Industrial Training/Minor Project 10 10
CE_8002 Dissertation (Interim) 5 5
CE_8003 Seminar 3 3

Total 18
Semester-4 Credits
Code Subject Name Theory Total
CE_9001 Industrial Training/Major Project 10 10
CE_9002 Dissertation (Interim) 5 5
CE_9003 Seminar 3 3

Total 18

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