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IAR Startup and Entrepreneurship Cell

Institute of Advanced Research (IAR) has established under the “Gujarat State Private Universities Amendment Act 2011” with an aim to create Excellence in Research and Education. It has very good research facility and infrastructure. It aims to provide infrastructure for research and education to prepare future researchers, academics, leaders and entrepreneurs in overall nation building. It has wet labs for engineering, physics, chemistry and various biological streams. Talented and experience scientific pools are involved in various research and academic activities. They have also mentored graduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. students, which were well placed in various industries and academia nationally and internationally.

At IAR, we have started the IAR Startup and Entrepreneurship Cell (ISEC) to promote and accelerate the innovation and translate them successfully. The main aim to start ISEC at IAR is to nurture and support the young generation for entrepreneurship and promote the government initiative of Student Startup and Innovation Policy (SSIP), Atal Innovation Mission, Startup India, Startup Gujarat, Skill India and Make in India.

Who can apply?

Any idea- No bar, ISEC welcomes all kinds of innovators who have technology which has potential to convert into the product type and has commercial or social value.

How ISEC will help?

Through this program, ISEC will nurture and support the potential innovators by mentoring and providing the infrastructure. ISEC has the very good infrastructure and other supports such as

  • Well equipped wet labs for biological science, chemistry, physics and engineering field
  • Computer facilities
  • 24 hrs internet facilities
  • Administrative support
  • Talented scientific pool for mentorship
  • Leadership and business school to provide the guidance for market surveillance and business strategy
  • Management of fund from various government and nongovernment agencies
  • Commercialization of technology
  • IPR protection



Application deadline: You can submit the application throughout the year.

How Industry will participate

We welcome industry to participate with us in this program and contribute towards nurturing the young generation entrepreneur. They can contribute by following ways

  • By providing the consultancy and advice
  • By investing in the promising concepts of innovators
  • By hiring the manpower for certain services

Write your query at isec@iar.ac.in or contact us on +91 79 61804312 / 300 .

ISEC Team:

Prof. B. Rao, Chairperson, ISEC and President, IAR, Gandhinagar

Dr. Alok Pandya, Coordinator, ISEC and Assistant Professor, IAR, Gandhinagar

Dr. Abhay Dinker, Coordinator, ISEC and Assistant Professor, IAR, Gandhinagar

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