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IAR Sports


Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” – John Wooden, Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach

The word ‘Sport’ comes from the old French word ‘desport’ which means ‘leisure’. Sport is an activity engaged in for relaxation and amusement.

Sports has an effect on the five “C’s, namely – Competence, Confidence, Connections, Character and Caring – which are considered critical components of positive youth development. Many facets of playing sports are the discipline of training, learning teamwork, learning sportsman spirit, dedication, and, learning leadership.

Physical Fitness- Sports and games play a major rule in keeping a person fit and fine. Furthermore, it increases the blood flow in the entire body. So this helps in keeping the heart in the best condition. Moreover, the immunity of the body increases by playing outdoor sports. Also, it helps in keeping your body fat percentage low. This makes the appearance of the body better and makes a person good-looking.

Increase mental health- Games like chess, card games increase the mental health of a person. As it develops Spontaneity and the response time of a person. As a result, a person’s mind can make a decision under pressure. Thus this helps in increasing the IQ of a person and its’ presence of mind.

Increase Stamina- Outdoor Sports like Football, cricket, basketball, swimming builds the stamina of a person. As all these sports require a lot of running, the stamina of a person automatically increases. Therefore a person can work for a longer period of time without getting tired.

Builds a sense of teamwork- Some sports need individual participation, while some require teamwork. Thus sports enlists teamwork in a person. Which is essential in every fieldwork. A company can only run by working together and not individually. So it is important for a person to know how to work together in a team. Only then you can achieve the desired goal.

Stress-relieving- Sports can bring a change to your day to day routine. Moreover, it can relieve you from stress as your body will experience a change. It gives your mind a boost of enthusiasm and happiness. As a result, it will fill you with energy for the next day.

Sports/NCC/NSS is a compulsory course for undergraduate students in IAR We at IAR encourage students to play various games which help them to develop extra-curricular skills.

Sports Activities & Infrastructure available at IAR

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Kabaddi
  • Badminton
  • Carom
  • Chess
  • Athletics
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Kho-Kho
  • Hand boll
  • Gym

Regular coaching camps are also organized for all the students of IAR.

IAR also participates in Khel Mahakhumbh   organised by Government of Gujarat every year.

Achievements in Khel Mahakhumbh:

  • IAR Girls volleyball Team won Khel Mahakhumbh 2018/19
  • AIR Boys kabaddi Team was runner up in Khel Mahakhumbh 2018/19

IAR also participates in various inter college competitions in various universities like pdpu, Gujarat National Law University(GNLU), IIM-Ahmedabad, Nirma University and many more.

Every Year IAR hosts following Sports Tournaments:

  • Inter college sports fest
  • Friendly matches against surrounding educational institutes (GNLU,IIT-GN, NIFT, DA-IICT, NIRMA)
  • Gully cricket
  • Sabarmati cup
  • Annual sports meet