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Research-Based Learning Leads to a Rewarding Career

Research-Based Learning Leads to a Rewarding Career

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.” – Dr Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

With each passing day, every sector is experiencing a multitude of changes as the technology and the mindset of the end user is also changing. This has also led to the expansion of the horizon and possibilities to a great extent.

Education is one of the prominent sectors where the Innovation and Research-based methodology is limited as compared with the fields like Healthcare, Manufacturing, IT, Art etc. Education in India is still hugely based upon the norms and terms decided by the British era.

The Institute of Advanced Research (IAR) – Gandhinagar is one of its kind University where we are committed to providing quality education based on research and innovation to all the aspiring young minds globally. Inaugurated in 2006 by Dr A P J Abdul Kalam and Mr Narendra Modi then CM of Gujarat & awarded the university status under Gujarat Private Universities Amendment act, 2011.

IAR is financially supported by Puri Foundation for Education in India, Estd. By Dr Nathu Ram Puri a leading industrialist in the UK with various businesses. The University is a Non-Profit institution and the sole purpose is, aspire to be the leading university in the private education sector with a strong Global presence and with a focus on quality rather than scale.

Why Research-based Education is Necessary?

    • When research is an integral part of the education structure it allows students to have a deep understanding of the topic. That results in one’s excellent command over it. All this expertise comes only after thorough guidance and IAR provides the same.
    • Those who study well often end up with confusion and these confusion leads them to get an in-depth analysis of the topic or subject. And this process is the essence of research-based education and IAR support and promotes it.
  • We often came across various hypothesis and complex ideas, formulae and statements sometimes seem doubtful. From this point, the research-based speculations begin. To cross-examine it, the best way is to start research from scratch that enables the students to gain a vast knowledge of the subject.

There are plenty of reasons justifying why to opt for Research and Innovation based Education being a Student or an Institution. But on top of all, It’s has become the need of the time and the future.

IAR stands compatible with all the latest Industry requirements and shifting demands with a special focus on innovation. To be a part of the University for Innovation, join us in our journey to be world class.

Explore more at: https://www.iar.ac.in/office-of-dean-research-foundation.

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