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At the beginning of the academic year, students will be offered aptitude tests and counseled to chalk out their career plans – whether to pursue higher education or to seek an employment. Placement cell (PC) follows One Student One Accepted Job Policy”. Students who have accepted one offer will be de-registered from subsequent placement Drives with an exception of a single job option directly in their discipline.

The following conditions to be fulfilled during placement activities for students:

  1. Eligibility:
  1. It is the prime responsibility for every student to check eligibility criteria before applying for a placement in a company. The eligibility criteria and other information are usually uploaded on University Hub with subsequent updates. Final Year undergraduate and post graduate students who have passed all subjects of previous semesters of their program, and PhD scholars who have submitted their theses are eligible to participate by registering for placements. Students who have not paid the tuition fee or who have abad track record (severe attendance shortage, misconduct etc.,) are not allowed to attend the campus interviews.

2. Registration:

  1. Eligible students looking to be placed through PC have to register online by filling a registration form (Expression of interest (EOI)) and submitting to PC. The submission of EOI is compulsory for attending on campus or off-campus interviews before the prescribed deadline. Students are not interested in applying for jobs are asked not to register for job placements.
  2. Students may withdraw the EOI three days before the campus interviews. Mere registration will not guarantee a job, nor will PC be held responsible for providing a job. PC’s role is to assist students in training and placement.
  3. Each registered student will be given a Placement Registration (PR) Number to access the placement notices, company announcements and to upload resumes.

3. Resume:

  1. Students are required to submit their resumes. These resumes must be updated on to the IPC site prior to the annual placement cycle. Resumes may be edited subsequently based on job description and recruiting company. Sometimes customized or Company specific resumes may have to be filled and submitted as and when required.
  2. If incorrect information is given in resumes or discrepancies are found in any resume, the student submitting such a resume will be barred from placement process and disciplinary action will follow.
  3. Students are expected to follow the university resume template available in the website for preparing the resumes.
  4. Students have to upload and submit their resumes on the website to individual companies well before the deadline. Deadlines cannot be extended under any circumstance. 

4. Certificates:

  1. As per the requirements of the Industry, students should furnish necessary certificates (Mark sheets of 10th, 12th, Graduate, Postgraduate etc).

5. On-campus/Off-campus Interviews:

  1. Registered students, who have given their EOI and are invited to attend the interview, are allowed to attend on-campus and off-campus pre-placement talks and the interview process. Students are required to stay on the premises where the interview is being held from the start through to the end of the entire interview process. A company approaches with specific requirements such as top 5% or top 20% academic records then the students who come under these categories only would be permitted for such companies with specific requirements.
  2. Students, who have registered but are absent for either pre-placement talk or campus or off-campus interviews, will be deregistered and a disciplinary action may result. Students, who are interested only in the pre-placement talk, but do not want to attend the interview, can do so with prior information to PC and only if permitted by the company. Students, who have not been selected in three attempts in the interviews assisted by PC, will be required to attend a focused training as per the feedback.

6. Job Offer/Appointment Letters:

  1. Selected students would receive a job offer letter/appointment letter/email informing them of their selection. Students are required to accept/reject the job offer during the process of recruitment.
  2. Students, who have accepted a job offer in the discipline of their program are not permitted to appear for further interviews by other companies. Students whose selection is pending or who have not received a confirmation from the first company are allowed to appear for further on-campus and off-campus interviews. If students who gain a placement through the IPC, fail to take up the placement without reasonable justification, may be subject to student disciplinary process.

7. Post Placement:

  1. Students who have been selected by the companies are required to report to the company after the final examinations and abide by associated rules and regulations. Students are requested to provide information about their achievements, promotions and job changes to PC.
  2. After having accepted a job offer, if a student does not wish to join a company due to genuine reasons such as health, pursuing higher studies etc, then the students must inform the IPC and the company of her/his inability to take up the placement and meet with any commitments made to the company.

8. Feedback:

  1. Students, who have registered and attended training and placement interviews are requested to provide feedback to the PC.

9. Dress code:

  1. Students are required to follow formal business dress code and should maintain professional behavior at all times through the interview process.
  2. Students who do not report at schedule time and who indulge in improper conduct will not be allowed to take part in the interview process.
  3. Students should keep in mind that they are representing their University as its ambassadors in all their interactions with the external companies.

10. Discipline:

  1. Students should maintain discipline and show ethical behavior in every action they take during the training and placement process and in the company they join.

PC office reserves the right to change any or all of the above rules and is the sole authority in taking decisions pertaining to placements from the institute. Any complaints must be brought to the PC for resolution.