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Dr. Ahsan Z Rizvi

Assistant Professor

Contact:-  079-6180-4300
Email:- ahsan.rizvi@iar.ac.in

Professional & Educational Qualification

  • 2019, PostDoc, Institute of Human Genomics, France
  • 2018, PostDoc, Institute Gustav Roussey, France
  • 2017, PostDoc, LSTM, France
  • 2015, PostDoc, IIT Indore, India
  • 2014, Ph.D.  Electronics, Defense Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune
  • 2009, M.Tech. Bio Electronics, Tezpur Central University
  • 2005, M.Sc. Bioinformatics, University of Allahabad
  • 2004, GATE Life sciences AIR 729

Current Research interest and area working on

Genome Signal Processing, Digital signal processing

Latest 5 Publications

  1. Diverse resistance mechanisms to the third-generation ALK inhibitor lorlatinib in ALK-rearranged lung cancer, G Recondo, L Mezquita, F Facchinetti, D Planchard, A Gazzah, Ahsan Z Rizvi, L Bigot, …,Clinical Cancer Research 26 (1), 242-255
  2. Diverse biological mechanisms drive resistance to Lorlatinib in ALK-rearranged Lung Cancer, G Recondo, L Mezquita, F Facchinetti, D Planchard, A Gazzah, Ahsan Z Rizvi, L Bigot, …, Cancer Research, 79, 2019/7/1
  3. Transcriptomic Analysis With the Progress of Symbiosis in ‘Crack-Entry’ Legume Arachis hypogaeaHighlights Its Contrast With ‘Infection Thread’ Adapted Legumes, K Karmakar, A Kundu, AZ Rizvi, E Dubois, D Severac, P Czernic, …, Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 32 (3), 271-285
  4. Gender differences with different emotions for brain functional connectivity analysis, Sushil Chandra, Greeshma Sharma, Ahsan Z Rizvi, Nidhi Gupta, Alok Prakash Mittal, Netaji Subash, International Journal of Scientific Research in Information Systems and Engineering (IJSRISE), 2016/4/1
  5. Detection of replication origin sites in herpesvirus genomes by clustering and scoring of palindromes with quadratic entropy measures, Ahsan Z Rizvi, C Bhattacharya, IEEE/ACM transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics, 2014/6/12

Courses Taught at UG/PG

Digital signal processing

Communication engineering

Digital Image processing