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Department of Engineering and Physical Sciences

In the Department of Engineering and Physical Sciences, IAR is one of the premium colleges in Gujarat offering high-quality professional education in engineering and physical sciences with the university’s acclaimed biotechnology, business and management.

The department offers various undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D programs in various domains.

M.Sc Degree College IAR Gandhinagar

Our education philosophy revolves around educating our students to be well-rounded professionals regardless of whether they choose to take up jobs in the industry upon graduation or progress towards higher academic achievement.

Our course curriculum is designed based on the inputs from both industry and academic experts help us to bridge the gap between industry and academia. Our teaching curriculum also promotes entrepreneurship among students which guides them to bring their own start up and generate jobs for other people. As the department continues to grow, we work collaboratively with other departments and external institutions to add value to our education programs and to translate our research into practice.

We have an exciting range of research areas, which include plasma and its applications, gravitational waves, energy storage, waste water treatment, bioprocess engineering, modelling and simulation, environmental engineering, nanomaterials, sensors for diagnostics, green chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and energy physics amongst several other cutting edge topics. We welcome and encourage students from various interdisciplinary domains to work with us as Ph.D scholars to explore various areas.

Our students focus not just on the acquisition of technical knowledge, but on design and professional practice throughout the programs. With high faculty to student ratios, advanced learning supports, we also emphasize on practical learning, both through practical classes, project-based learning, industrial internship and research based dissertations’. A distinctive focus at our department is in preparing students for lifelong learning and development. Our graduates are prepared not only for the first job but for career growth as well.