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Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology

The Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology brings together all the ingredients to advance knowledge of how life works and apply the knowledge to improve our quality of life. Our work is well recognized nationally and internationally.

The Department encompasses the full breadth and depth of the disciplines across all biological sciences. Students and faculty explore living systems at every scale from proteins and enzymes to plant and developmental biology. Understanding the mechanisms of the living systems is the first step toward finding solutions to our health challenges. Our faculty are leaders in a range of these disciplines and continue to expand research in emerging areas of the biological sciences from immunology to metabolic engineering.

Department of Biological Sciences & Biotechnology
  1. DBT Supported M.Sc. Biotechnology Program
  2. Department has DST-FIST Grant.
  3. GSBTM Sponsered Crash Course

Our undergraduate and postgraduate students experience active-learning with exposure to case studies at the forefront of the disciplines. The Department brings together researchers who are advancing knowledge at every scale from molecules to systems. Our faculty’s internationally leading research ranges from cancer biology and engineering important molecules, to vaccines and neutraceuticals.