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Collaborative R&D

Collaborative Research Based on Societal Relevance and Industry Demand

IAR is open to collaborative Research and Development (R&D), which underpins innovation and has a positive impact on the economy, society, and the environment. IAR conducts applied research that solves technical challenges in the industry. Furthermore, collaborative R&D facilitates knowledge and resource sharing between industry and academia leading to multidisciplinary developments and resource efficiency.

As a research-driven institute, IAR promotes the cooperative development as a vibrant model to address the economic and social needs of our communities. IAR also offers consulting services to industries.

IAR has expertise in a range of areas that include:

  1. Industrial Applications of High Temperature
    & Low temperature Plasma
  2. Diagnostics kits
  3. Drug development
  4. Green Chemical Processes
  5. In vitro analysis
  6. Cancer biology
  7. Immunology
  8. Vaccine research
  9. Environmental Engineering
  10. Microbiology
  11. Material Science and Technology
  12. Mathematical modeling and simulation
  13. Chemical Process Engineering
  14. Image Analysis
  15. Plant Biotechnology
  16. Data-Driven Modeling and Artificial Intelligence

Collaborate with IAR

Organizations seeking to work with us should contact IAR at:

Email: alok.pandya@iar.ac.in

Call: +91 79 61804312