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The World of Chemical Engineers!

The World of Chemical Engineers!

The degree of chemical engineering directly linked with all the majors of various engineering disciplines. Unless a chemical engineer does the basic process design, no engineer of other disciplines would be able to work upon further. Imagine if there would have been no refrigeration cycle designed how the refrigerator would work. In fact, no large scale with economical production is feasible until a Chemical Engineer is involved.

Why Be a Chemical Engineer?

Chemical Engineering is one of the core engineering branches having a wide area of job opportunities in India and abroad. As a chemical engineer, one can enter the manufacturing units/production plants of varied pharmaceutical, speciality chemicals, petrochemicals, steel, food processing and energy sectors. You can work for typical Engineering Procurement and Commission (EPC) companies for detailed engineering. Also, you are eligible for opportunities in Environment sectors starting from devising means for Wastewater treatment facilities to solar plants. Moreover, chemical engineers have ample opportunities and scope for Research and Development (R&D).

Why Study Chemical Engineering at IAR?

At the Institute of Advanced Research, University we are having well-equipped labs for study and research. The Department of Engineering and Computing are committed to working with excellence to provide quality education and exposure to the students of Chemical Engineering. We, at IAR, helps students to put their idea in actual structure by the implementation of the latest available technology. Our training and placement cell is dedicated to serving the students for their effective summer training and Internships in reputed chemical & petrochemical companies.

Admissions are now open for 2019 intake. Aspirants of B. Tech in Chemical Engineering are welcomed to call us at +91 7930514214.
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