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Future Prospects of B. Tech in Biotechnology

Future Prospects of B. Tech in Biotechnology

BIOTECHNOLOGY is a wide stream that can be opted by those who believe that technology must serve to change or study the alteration of biological life. The field itself is very demanding as well as a cover variety of related areas. Some of them are listed below:

  • Green Biotechnology: When biotechnology applications are used to enhance the quality of agricultural crops. This involves the tools of genetic engineering required to make modifications in the crop as per the evolving biodiversity.
  • Blue Biotechnology: This involves the use of biotechnology tools to promote marine life and to remove toxicity from the seas.
  • Red Biotechnology: This branch of biotechnology deals with the use of living organisms for improvement of health and help the body to fight diseases.
  • White Biotechnology: This branch of biotechnology deals with the production of various useful chemicals from microorganisms such as the production of enzymes for use as a catalyst in industries.
  • Bioinformatics: When the codes of life i.e. genetic codes merge with the computer it led to the separate branch of biotechnology which is bioinformatics.

In this way, biotechnology serves in various aspects of professions. B. Tech in Biotechnology opens various frontiers for future like Process Engineer, Research and Development Scientists, Plant Engineers in Pharma companies etc. In addition, B.Tech Biotech student can do M. Tech either in the same branch or in different branch like Chemical Engineering, Food Technology, and Bioinformatics etc. All these options lead to beautiful career options both in government and private sectors. B. Tech Biotechnology student can also directly apply for the PhD programme in reputed national institutes such as IIT and NIT. This not only saves the academic time of students but also helps them actively participate in research. B. Tech degree enables a student to work as an independent consultant and he can open his own consulting firm to undertake various projects such as wastewater treatment, crop harvesting, industrial problems related to products obtained from micro-organisms etc.

At the Institute of Advanced Research, we are having well-equipped labs for study and research. Department of Engineering and Computing are committed to working with excellence to provide quality education and exposure to the students of Biotechnology. We, at IAR, helps students to put their idea in actual structure by the implementation of the latest available technology. Our training and placement cell is dedicated to serving the students for their effective summer training/ dissertation and Internships in reputed biotech companies like Biocon, Novartis, Sun Pharma etc.

If you have any query or need any clarification on the B. Tech Biotechnology programme you are welcome to contact us or get in touch at +91 79305 14214.

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