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Ambitions & Education Philosophy

Personal Development

Our University will be an outstanding place of learning and personal development for young people in our communities.

Strategic Development

Employers and research funders will be integral to our strategic development and learning of students and staff of the University.

Education & Professional Opportunities

We will establish a school and a technical college on the campus in order to provide pathways for education and professional opportunities for young people in our communities.

Career Opportunities

We will offer additional certificated education and training opportunities for our students in partnership with the community and industry partners to enhance career opportunities for our students.

Innovative Learning Environments

We will have innovative learning environments that will promote student centered learning with access to state of the art infrastructure.

First Choice

We will be the first choice for students and high achieving staff.

Student Achievements

Our students will be most preferred by top universities and employers.

Our Education Philosophy

At the IAR we are committed to enable every individual student to achieve their best. In today’s rapidly developing knowledge environment, expansion of robotics and artificial intelligence in every sphere of human activity necessitate innovative education models. Alongside provision of high quality education in the chosen academic programs, we are committed to fostering creativity and confidence in our students. We are adamant that creative and confident graduates will be most successful in their career and in their lives generally. Our success is reflected by the success of our graduates and we are determined to ensure that our graduates will be most preferred by world leading employers and universities.