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Wireless Mesh Networks is a good solution to give wireless Internet connectivity in a considerable area; this new and promising model allows network deployment at a much less cost than in comparison of traditional wireless networks. In Wireless Mesh Networks , it is possible to wrap the same area, as compared to WiFi, with minimum wireless routers. Thus Wireless Mesh Networks are so comfortable for areas which do not have cabling or for the installation of a temporary wireless network. So it is a field of dynamic research in past several years.

Though, the majority of the research has been focused around multi hop routing and the area of security has been less explored i.e WMNs require strong privacy protection and security mechanisms. Further the security objectives of a wireless mesh network (WMN) depend to a large degree on their usage scenario, i.e., how it is employed and its relevant usage scenarios and the respective security requirements.

We are basically focusing on the security and protocol developments in various type of Wireless Mesh Network.

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