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Dr.Priti Desai Group Leader
Current Research Students
Past Research Students
Dr. Bhrugu Yagnik
Ms. Drashya Sharma

Research Interests

Though diarrhea doesn’t sound to be a severe disease, in reality it kills around 1.5 million children under the age of 5 years, according to WHO (World Health Organization-WHO) report. Incidences of diarrhea are profound and severe in under-developed and developing countries including India. The pathogens which are mainly responsible for severe diarrhea are Rotavirus, Vibrio cholera, Salmonella, Shigella and Enterotoxic E. coli (ETEC). Effective therapies against these pathogens are now limited due to increased incidences of drug resistant pathogens. Use of vaccine, which is the safest and alternative strategy to combat multidrug resistant pathogens, has not yet been accomplished for certain diarrheal pathogens like Shigella and ETEC and for other pathogens it requires improvement in term of efficacy and safety.

Our group is currently exploring the new strategy to develop vaccine against enteric pathogens such as Shigella, Salmonella and ETEC. Most of the research in the development of vaccine against these pathogens is focused using either killed or weakened pathogens which may have a risk of reversion to pathogenicity. This type of vaccine is also not suitable for immuno-compromised persons. Our aim is to develop a broad spectrum vaccine, which should be effective, safe and easy to administer. We are using a safe microorganism-Lactococcus lactis for oral delivery of antigen/ peptides/DNA at the intestinal sites for elicitation of effective cellular and mucosal immunity. Oral route is preferable as it is a painless and effective route of administration. Till date we have achieved protective efficacy of our developed LacVaxTM (OmpA) vaccine in our intraperitoneal Shigella murine model, however these results are quite preliminary and lots of more data are needed to confirm the efficacy of developed vaccine. Apart from these we are also working to develop vaccine against Salmonella and ETEC.

We are working to bring a new hope for the welfare of children in the society

Ongoing Projects

  • Use of live Lactococcus lactis (L. lactis) for the delivery of the antigens (proteins/peptide/DNA) at mucosal surfaces.
  • Epitopes/Peptide based vaccine against enteric pathogens.

Funding Sources


  • Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)
  • Past

    • Indian Council of Medical Research
    • Lady TATA memorial trust
    • Department of Biotechnology,New Delhi
    • Collaborators

      • Dr. Sameer Dalvi, Chemical Engineering, IIT-Gandhinagar.
      • Dr. Vainav Patel, Department of Biochemistry, NIRRH, Mumbai.

Institute Of Advanced Research
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