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Faculty Name
Ashima Bhardwaj, Ph. D Group Leader
Dr. Kittappa Vinothkumar supported from ICMR, GSBTM and DBT
Mr. Priyabrata Mohanty supported from ICMR and GSBTM
Ms. Neha Rajpara Supported from ICMR

Gastroenteritis or infectious diarrhoea, generally caused by viral or bacterial or parasitic infections is responsible for high morbidity and mortality, especially in children. Bacterial gastroenteritis is caused by the agents such as Vibrio spp., Salmonella spp., Shigella spp.,Campylobacter jejuni, Yersinia enterocolitica, enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) and other diarrheagenic E. coli. Diarrheal diseases caused by multi-drug resistant bacteria such as Vibrio and Shigella spp. are a major health problem in the developing countries with poor hygiene and limited resources. Various mobile genetic elements such as integrons, plasmids and SXT elements are involved in drug resistance. Apart from mobile genetic elements, various inherent mechanisms such as mutations in drug target sites and efflux pumps are also involved in imparting drug resistance.

Inspite of many years since discovery of antibiotics and their use in treating human infections, there is much to learn about these wonder drugs and the arsenal of genes in bacteria that are rapidly making these drugs obsolete. With the increase in resistance to multiple antibiotics used to treat these bugs, it becomes important to understand the genetic factors that spawn resistance in these bugs. The laboratory of Molecular Biology of Diseases is engaged in deciphering the factors that govern multi drug resistance in the clinical isolates of pathogens belonging to Vibrio and Shigella species that cause diarrhea or dysentery.

Ongoing Projects

  • Molecular characterisation of factors governing antibiotic resistance in the Indian isolates of Vibrio cholerae and Vibrio fluvialis
  • Cloning and characterisation of efflux pumps responsible for multiple drug resistance in clinical isolates of various Vibrio species.
  • Study of multidrug resistance in clinical isolates of Shigella sp.
  • Unraveling the mechanisms underlying quinolone resistance in multidrug resistant clinical isolates of Vibrio and Shigella species from India.

Funding Sources

  • Department of Biotechnology
  • Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission
  • Indian Council of Medical Research


  • Dr. Amit Ghosh, NICED, Kolkata
  • Dr. T. Ramamurthy, THSTI, Faridabad
  • Dr. Ashish Mukhopadhyay, NICED, Kolkata
  • Dr. Hemanta Koley, NICED, Kolkata

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