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The Trustees shall hold the capital and income of the trust Fund upon trust to apply the income and all or such part of parts of the Capital for or towards

    1. The provision of financial assistance to those who are unable to fund their education at higher level;
    2. To provide, in case of need, educational facilities for the provision and/or propagation of education in India or for people of Indian Origin any where in the world;
    3. To relieve persons, whether or not they are resident or temporarily located in the continent of Indian but in particular citizens of the towns of Multan Pur Garib Dass near Chandigarh and Ambala who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress as a result of local, national or international disaster or by reason of their social and economic circumstances;
  • The advancement of the education (including the social and physical training) of children attending schools or colleges by the provision of equipment or extra facilities in any educational institution or establishment, or establishment of a new institution to provide quality educational and research facilities, in case of National or Regional need and provision of any help in the running and further development of such an institution
  • The provision of or assistance in the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation either for the benefit of the general public or for the benefit for those who by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, poverty, or social and economic circumstances have a need of such facilities;
  • To educate, to relieve and rehabilitate young persons resident within the ten mile radius of Mullanpur Garib Dass, near Chandigarh who by reason of their social and economic circumstances are in need and unable to gain employment or to be further their formal education by providing for such persons workshop and such other training facilities as will be enable them to obtain work experience and acquire and develop vocational skills;
  • Generally for such charitable purpose and to make donations to such charitable institutions at such time or times and in such manner as the Trustees may at their absolute discretion decide and for the period of twentyone years from the date of this deed instead of applying the income of the Charity in any year accumulate all or any part of such income at compound interest by investing the same and the resulting income in any of the authorized investments and hold the same as an accretion to and as part of the capital of the Charity without prejudice to their right to apply the whole or any part of such accumulated income in any subsequent year as if the same were income of the Charity arising in the then current year.

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