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M.Sc Data Science

Program Overview

M.Sc. Data science is one of the in-demand career paths for skilled professionals which prepares students for a career in industry, research, teaching and for limited but attractive jobs in the government sector.

M.Sc. Data science at IAR is a 2-year (4 semesters) long program. The first semester mostly cover the core subjects. Next two semesters offer a range of electives like Introduction to Parallel Computing, Statistical Inference, Big Data and Hadoop, Digital Signal Processing in Machine Learning, Time Series and Forecasting, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation, Cloud Computing, Detection and Estimation Theory, Digital Signal Processing and fourth-semester project, to give students a flavour of current research topics and trends.

This course needs knowledge of mathematics, statistics and computer science. The course contents are designed in such a way that it does not affect any student if students background is either in computer or mathematics or statistics. This course not only prepares students for industries, but also for interdisciplinary research across the country and abroad. Considering the fact that programming is an integral part of the data science program, all program languages C, C++, Python, R included in the laboratory. Further, the special laboratory and advanced courses are offered, aligned with the elective chosen by the students in the second and third semesters. Public lectures, scientific tours, conferences and hands-on workshops are also an integral part of the program.


  • B.Sc. with Mathematics
  • B.Sc. with computer science
  • B.Sc with IT
  • BTech from any branch

Selection process

The admission is based on merit.

After the Program

Higher studies

  • Master of Technology (MTech)
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): in India or abroad


  • As a Data scientists, Business Intelligence (BI) Developer, Data Architect in industries
  • As a Machine Learning Scientist, Statistician in research
  • Government Jobs
  • Teaching: PGT, lecturer in colleges, universities

Structure of Program

Semester – I Total Credits:22

S. No. Subject Credits
Theory Practical
1 Linear Algebra 4 0
2 Statistics 4 0
3 Discrete mathematics 4 0
4 Data Structure and Algorithms 4 2
5 Coding practices in C/C++ 0 4

Semester – II Total Credits: 23

S. No. Subject Credits
Theory Practical
1 Data visualization and Python programming lab 0 3
2 Scientific Computing 4 0
3 Database Management System 4 2
4 Machine learning-I 4 2
5 Elective – I 4 0

Semester – III Total Credits: 24

S. No. Subject Credits
Theory Practical
1 Stochastic Models 4 0
2 Optimization Techniques 4 0
3 Computational Statistics using R lab 0 2
4 Machine learning-II 4 2
5 Elective – II 4 0
6 Elective – III 4 0

Semester – IV Total Credits: 15

S. No. Subject Credits
Theory Practical


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