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Next Update On : 01/05/2017
Last Updated On : 27/03/2017

Satyendra Mishra

Present Position Assistant Professor
Contact No. +91-79-30514130
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Allahabad, 2004
Post Graduation Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) (DAV Indore; 2000)
Work Experience 13 Year (Post Ph. D.)
Additional Responsibilities Controller of Examination

Current Research Interests

  • Develop new methods and strategies in organic synthesis
  • Natural products synthesis, synthesis of small bioactive molecule and its analogs
  • Peptidomimetics,bio-organic /medicinal chemistry


  • Early Career Research Award, Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology
  • Department of Biotechnology, Postdoctoral fellowship from 2005-2008


  • Life Member of Chemical Research Society of India

Latest/Selected Five Publications

  • Srivastava S.,Mishra S., Surolia A., Panda D, C1, a highly potent novel curcumin derivative, binds to tubulin, disrupts microtubule network and induces apoptosis. Bioscience Reports Mar 15,2016
  • Jha N K., Mishra S., Mamidi A S., Mishra A.,JhaS K., Surolia A,Targeting Human Telomeric G- Quadruplexes DNA with curcumin and its synthesized analogues under molecular crowding condition, RSC Adv., 2016, 6, 7474-7487
  • Ahsan Z., Mishra S., Jain M., Surolia A., Gupta S,Curcumin Pyrazole and its derivative (N-(3-Nitrophenylpyrazole) Curcumin inhibit aggregation, disrupt fibrils and modulate toxicity of Wild type and Mutant α-SynucleinNature, Scientific Report, 2015, 9862(DOI: 10.1038/srep09862)
  • Jha N K*.,Mishra S*,Jha S K., and Surolia A, Antioxidant activity and electrochemistry of phenolic O-H and methylene hydrogen attached to β-diketone of curcumin and modified analogs. ElectrochimicaActa, 2015,151, 574-583. *equal contribution
  • Tomar D., Khan T., Singh R R., Mishra S., Gupta S.,Surolia A.,Salunke D M,Crystallographic Study of Novel Transthyretin Ligands Exhibiting Negative-Cooperativity between Two Thyroxine Binding Sites, PlosOne, September 2012, Volume 7, Issue 9, e43522

Additional Information:

  • Member: Board of Studies and Academic Council
  • Recognized PhD guide, UIAR, Gandhinagar

Institute Of Advanced Research
Koba Institutional Area, Gandhinagar, Gujarat - India, 382 007

Phone 079-30514100

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