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Priti Desai

Present Position Assistant Professor, Microbiology
Contact No. +91-79-30514232
Ph.D. Biochemistry (Bhavnagar University, C/o B.V. Patel PERD Centre, Ahmedabad, 2009)
Post Graduation Biochemistry (Sardar Patel University, 2001)
Work Experience 17 Years

Current Research Interests

  • Vaccine against enteric pathogens such as Shigella and Salmonella by using different approaches such as; a) Delivery of antigen at the different mucosal site by using food grade bacteria, b) DNA vaccine and c) Peptide/ Epitope vaccine
  • Bioengineering bacterial and mammalian cells for therapeutic protein production.


  • From International Society for Vaccine(ISV) for outstanding contribution in the field of vaccine research in the category of Lower and Middle income countries at ISV congress Oct 2017, Institute of Pasteur, Paris, France.
  • International Travel Support from DST, 2017.
  • International Travel Grant from DBT-CTEP, 2013.
  • DBT Research Associate ship (DBT- 2010-2012).

Latest Five Publications

  • BhruguYagnik, Drashya Sharma, Harish Padh and Priti Desai. In vivo delivery of pPERDBY to BALB/c mice by LacVax® DNA-I and comparison of elicited immune response with conventional immunization methods. Gene Therapy. August 2018. IF 3.2 .
  • Bhrug Yagnik, Drashya Sharma, Harish Padh and Priti Desai. Dual recombinant Lactococcus lactis for enhanced delivery of DNA vaccine reporter plasmid pPERDBY. Microbiology and Immunology. 2017. 61(3-4), 123-129. IF. 1.4. *This article is featured in the cover page of the journal.
  • Bhrugu Yagnik, Drashya Sharma, Harish Padh and Priti Desai. Immunization with r‐Lactococcus lactis expressing outer membrane protein A of Shigella dysenteriae type‐1: evaluation of oral and intranasal route of administration.. Journal of Applied Microbiology. 2017. 122 (2), pp.493-505. IF 2.15 .
  • Drashya Sharma, Bhrugu Yagnik, Ruma Baksi, Nirav Desai, Harish Padh and Priti Desai. Shigellosis murine model established by intraperitoneal and intranasal route of administration: A comparative comprehension overview. Microbes and Infection. 2017. 19(1), 47-54. IF 2.29.
  • Bhrugu Yagnik, Harish Padh and Priti Desai. Construction of a new shuttle vector for DNA delivery into mammalian cells using non-invasive Lactococcus lactis. Microbes and infection. 2017. 19(1), 47-54. IF 2.29.
  • Professional Membership

    Additional Information

    • Reviewer of BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, FEMES Microbiology Letter, International Peptide research, Microbial Cell Factories, African Journal of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical development technology.

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