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School of Biological Sciences & Biotechnology

Next Update On : 01/05/2017
Last Updated On : 22/03/2017

Dr. Chandramani Pathak

Present Position Dean
Contact No. +91-79-30514244
Ph.D. Biochemistry
Post Graduation Biotechnology
Work Experience 17 Years

Current Research Interests

  • Inflammation and Programmed Cell death Signaling In Cancer
  • Nanoparticle based drug delivery in Cancer cells


  • 2016 Elsevier Pharmacological Reports Reviewer award
  • 2011 DST Young Scientist
  • 2010 DBT Young Investigator
  • 2008 Dr. D.S. Kothari, UGC Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • 2004 ICMR-SRF

Memberships of Professional Bodies

  • Elected Executive Committee Member for Indian Society of Cell Biology (2017-2019)
  • Life member of Indian Society of Cell Biology.
  • Life member of Society of Biological Chemist, India.
  • Life member of Indian association for cancer research

List of Publications

  • Miral V. Lunagariya, Khyati P. Thakor, Bhargav N. Waghela, Foram U. Vaidya, Chadramani Pathak & Mohan N. Patel (2016) Design, synthesis, MTT assay, DNA interaction studies of platinum(II) complexes. Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics 4:1-77, DOI: 10.1080/07391102.2016.1268071
  • Kishu Ranjan and Chandramani Pathak (2016) Expression of FADD and cFLIPL balances mitochondrial integrity and redox signaling to substantiate apoptotic cell death. Molecular Cellular Biochemistry 422(1-2):135-150.
  • Kishu Ranjan and Chandramani Pathak (2016) FADD regulates NF-κB activation and promotes ubiquitination of cFLIPL to induce apoptosis. Nature Scientific Reports. doi:10.1038/srep22787
  • Kishu Ranjan and Chandramani Pathak (2016) Expression of cFLIPL determines the basal interaction of Bcl-2 with Beclin-1 and regulates p53 dependent ubiquitination of Beclin-1 during autophagic stress. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 117(8):1757-1768
  • Suhashini S. Dhumale, Bhargav N. Waghela and Chandramani Pathak (2015) Quercetin protects necrotic insult and promotes apoptosis by attenuating the expression of RAGE and its ligand HMGB1 in human breast adenocarcinoma cells. IUBMB Life, 67(5):361-73.
  • Bhargav N. Waghela, Anupama Sharma Suhashini Dhumale, Shashibahl M. Pandey and Chandramani Pathak (2015) Curcumin conjugated with PLGA potentiates sustainability, anti-proliferative activity and apoptotic cell death in human colon carcinoma cells. Plos One 10(2): e0117526.
  • Chandramani Pathak, Rajiv Ranjan Singh, Saurabh Yadav, Neha Kapoor, Varshiesh Raina, Sarika Gupta, Avadhesha Surolia (2014) Evaluation of Benzothiophene carboxamides as analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents. IUBMB Life, 66 (3):201-211.
  • Kishu Ranjan, Anupama Sharma, Avadhesha Surolia and Chandramani Pathak (2014) Regulation of HA14-1 mediated oxidative stress, toxic response and autophagy by curcumin to enhance apoptotic activity in human embryonic kidney cells. BioFactors, 40 (1):157-169.
  • Kishu Ranjan, Avadhesha Surolia and Chandramani Pathak (2012) Apoptotic potential of Fas-associated death domain on regulation of cell death regulatory protein cFLIP and death receptor mediated apoptosis in HEK 293T cells. J. Cell Commun & Signaling. 6:155-168.
  • Manjula Vinayak & Chandramani Pathak (2010) Queuosine modification of tRNA: Its divergent role in cellular machinery. Bioscience Reports, 30: 135-148.
  • Chandramani Pathak, Yogesh K. Jaiswal and Manjula Vinayak (2008) Modified base queuine promotes cellular antioxidant defense system in cancer. Bioscience Reports, 28: 73-81.
  • Chandramani Pathak, Yogesh K. Jaiswal and Manjula Vinayak (2008) Modulation in the activity of lactate dehydrogenase and the level of c-Myc and c-fos by modified base queuine on cancer. Cancer Biology & Therapy, 7: 85-91.
  • Chandramani Pathak, Yogesh K. Jaiswal and Manjula Vinayak (2008) Queuine mediated inhibition in phosphorylation of tyrosine phosphoproteins in cancer. Molecular Biology Reports, 35: 369-374
  • Chandramani Pathak, Yogesh K. Jaiswal and Manjula Vinayak (2007) Possible involvement of queuine in regulation of cell proliferation. BioFactors, 29: 159-173.
  • Chandramani Pathak, Yogesh K. Jaiswal & Manjula Vinayak (2005) Hypomodification of transfer RNA in cancer with respect to queuosine. RNA Biology, 2: 143-148.
  • C. Pathak & Manjula Vinayak (2005) Modulation of lactate dehydrogenase Isozymes by modified base queuine. Molecular Biology Reports, 32: 191-196.

Additional Information

  • Dean Faculty of Science, UIAR
  • Ph.D. guide recognition from UIAR
  • Ph.D. guide recognition from Univ. of Pune
  • Member secretary of Governing Body, UIAR
  • Member secretary of Board of Management, UIAR
  • Member Secretary of academic council, UIAR
  • Chairman of Board of Studies, UIAR
  • Member secretary of Research Advisory committee, UIAR
  • Member of PhD regulatory committee, UIAR
  • Member Secretary of Animal Ethical Committee, IIAR
  • Member of Institutional purchase committee, IIAR

Institute Of Advanced Research
Koba Institutional Area, Gandhinagar, Gujarat - India, 382 007

Phone 079-30514100

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