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Next Update On : 01/05/2017
Last Updated On : 22/03/2017

Budhi Sagar Tiwari

Present Position Associate Professor
Contact No. +91-79-30514222
Ph.D. Botany (Banaras Hindu University)
Post Graduation Botany (Banaras Hindu University)
Work Experience More than 20 years Years
Additional Responsibilities coordinator: Ph.D. Program, IAR

Current Research Interests

  • Identifying Chloroplastic components involved in the execution of abiotic stress induced PCD.
  • Characterizing abiotic stress induced cellular Nitro-oxidative stress and its role in regulation of PCD.


  • Ramalingaswami Fellow (DBT, India) in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (2008-2015)
  • Wenner Gren Visiting Scientist in Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala Sweden. (2006)


  • American Society of Plant Biology (regular member)
  • International Cell Death Society (regular member)

Latest Five Publications

  • 2017 Salinity-induced inhibition of growth in the aquatic pteridophyte Azolla microphylla primarily involves inhibition of photosynthetic components and signaling molecules as revealed by proteome analysis
  • 2017 Ectopic expression of PgRab7 in rice plants (Oryza sativa L.) results in differential tolerance at the vegetative and seed setting stage during salinity and drought stress
  • 2016 Photo-modulation of programmed cell death in rice leaves triggered by salinity
  • 2015 Anhydrobiosis and programmed cell death in plants: commonalities and differences
  • 2015 Programmed cell death in plants: A chloroplastic connection
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Research Papers

  • Vivek Ambastha, S.K. Sopory, Budhi Sagar Tiwari, and B.C. Tripathy (2017) Photo-modulation of Chloroplast-Induced Programmmed Cell Death in Rice Leaves Mediated by Salinity. Apoptosis 22(1):41-56 doi: 10.1007/s10495-016-1305-7.
  • Preeti Thagela, Ravindra Kumar Yadav, Vagish Mishra, Anil Dahuja, Altaf Ahmad, Pawan Kumar Singh, Budhi Sagar Tiwari and Gerard Abraham (2017) Salinity induced inhibition of growth in the aquatic pteridophyte Azolla microphylla primarily involves inhibition of photosynthetic components and signalling molecules as revealed by proteome analysis. Protoplasma 254(1):303-313 doi: 10.1007/s00709-016-0946-2
  • Manas Kumar Tripathy, Budhi Sagar Tiwari, Renu Deswal and SK Sopory (2017) Ectopic Expression of PgRab7 influenced growth and enhanced tolerance to salinity and draught stress in Oryza sativa vc Indica. Protoplasma, 254(1):109-124 doi: 10.1007/s00709-015-0914-2.
  • Vivek Ambastha, Baishnab C. Tripathy and Budhi Sagar Tiwari (2015) Programmed cell death in plants: a chloroplastic connection. Plant Signalling and Behavior 10(2). doi: 10.4161/15592324.2014.989752.
  • Samer Singh, Vivek Ambastha, Alex Levine, Sudhir K Sopory, Pramod K Yadava and B.C. Tripathy, Budhi Sagar Tiwari. (2015) Anhydrobiosis and Programmed Cell Death: two survival mechanisms in plants. Current Plant Biology 2: 12-20 doi:10.1016/j.cpb.2014.12.001
  • Vivek Ambastha and Budhi Sagar Tiwari.(2015) Chemistry of Cellular Water and Anhydrobiosis in plants Journal of Plant Growth Regulation. Doi:10.1007/s00344-015-9497-6.

Additional Information

  • Member : Sub-panel- Project evaluation Committee, USDA (2006), Panel head: Prof. Martin B. Dickman.
  • Member : Ph.D. Regulatory Committee, Gujrat Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar, Gujrat (2017-2020)

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