Jr. Events

for school students only

Fix It

2 Persons/Team
Fees 100₹
  • Electrical circuits will be given to the students of class 10th, 11th, and 12th separately.
  • Each circuit will be different and will comprise of some faults.
  • First the circuit needs to be identified followed by resolving the faults and complete the circuit in the least time possible.
  • Elemental Scrabble

    2 Persons/Team
    Fees 100₹
  • A scientific form of word game comprising of one word questions/clues.
  • The participants are required to come up with answers using the elements present in the periodic table.
  • Robo Race

    Single Person
    Fees 100₹
  • Event being inspired by movie, the participants are require to make RC cars.
  • A track will be set up along with obstacles and traps so the cars are to be prepared accordingly and should be compatible to complete the track.
  • The car have to complete the track in least time will wins the prize.
  • Gully Cricket

    5 Persons/Team
    Fees 100₹
  • Normal form of cricket played on the streets but having a scientific outlook
  • It includes the concept of angles i.e. By hitting the ball in a interval of angles will earn runs for a particular team.
  • 60 Seconds

    Single Person
    Fees 100₹
  • Derived from the peculiar T.V. show, “Minute to Win It”.
  • Each team needs to execute the given number of tasks in 60 seconds.
  • Tasks will have a scientific outlook.
  • Fees 100₹
  • Each team needs to execute the given number of tasks in 60 seconds.
  • A scientific representation of treasure hunt, in which the participants will work in a team of four.




    Sr. Events

    for under graduates, post graduates and Ph.D. students only

              Public challenge

    This event is based upon testing the intelligence, physical skills and aptitude of the participants. This is an individual based event who would be completing various challenges in the screening round provided by the co-ordinators and the qualifiers would lead to the next round ‘THE PUBLIC ROUND’. This is where the audience/public will come up with their challenges to the qualifiers and will compete.


    The FINALE will be the decider round for where only one challenge will be provided, the one who completes first will WIN the GRAND REWARD.

    Let's Be Organic

    Each participant will be provided name of a specific location for which they have to come up with a PowerPoint presentation for the plan for cultivation of crops in that area using methods of organic farming.